Volunteer Info

New this year! We will be asking every parent to sign up for a timer spot during the dual meet season to help qualify times during the season.  In order to be on deck we need everyone to have clearances through Parkland.

Click here for Parkland School District Volunteer Clearance Information

Please find below a comprehensive summary of the food and job requirements for the 2021-2022 Swim & Dive Season. The Snack Bar is a tremendous fund raiser for the team, and we are grateful for all your efforts.

2012-2022 Meet Volunteer and Snack Bar signups – 

Dual Meets – We ask that every family sign up for at least 1 snack bar shift, 1 timer shift and 2 food donations to the snack bar for the dual season. Please ensure these are dropped off at the snack bar area by 3:45pm.

Home Meet Schedule:
Emmaus – 12/23
Whitehall – 1/11
Nazareth – 1/18
Liberty – 1/25
ESS – 2/1
Diving meet – 2/12
CCC – 2/5
Districts – 3/4 & 3/5

Diving Only Meets: EPC Dive & Flips of Fury (everyone can contribute)

The Flips of Fury Dive Meet is on Saturday, February 12th. A note for swim parents, if you donate to these dive-only meets (and the divers need your donations here equally), please make sure you expect to be around to drop off the food at the appointed time – there is usually swim practice those mornings.

Cedar Crest Classic on Feb. 5th 2022 – The Cedar Crest Classic is an invitational where we invite 6 or 7 teams to compete. This meet is run like a USA Swimming Meet and we will need volunteers to work the meet as well as the snack bar. This year we will be running it as a Prelims and Finals meet which means we will need twice as many volunteers. Every family is asked to sign up for at least one job AND to sign up for one or more donations.


Sign-ups for districts will be published nearer the time. We ask each family to donate at least two items and work one shift – even if your swimmer is not swimming.

Thanks for all your support.